• Feasibility Analysis
              Feasibility is one of the most important aspect of any project. Identifying the possible future scenario, technical and economical feasibility study is conducted to decide goal and development requirements.
  • System Analysis
              System analysis is done based on client requirements. Functionalities and userinterface design is done at this stage.
  • Implementation
            Based on system analysis and prototypes, coding takes place.
  • Testing
            Requirement testing and product testing is done after implementation.


 Products We Provide,


                   SOFTECH INFO SYSTEMS is a leading offshore software development company with specialized skills in:
               » DOT (.)NET development
               » Java application development
               » C/C++/C# development



                Many years of successful custom software development job has given us the status to share this valuable knowledge and experience with our global clients helping them reap the benefits of custom software development.
               We are one of the first-rated software outsourcing companies with a constant endeavor and dedication to transform ourselves as the best offshore software development service providers.
               At Softech, our focus is on quality offshore software development and in the process we continually educate and keep ourselves acquainted with the latest concepts, tools and technologies. In short, it's our constant endeavor to uphold the academic talent required to meet the business objectives.
               We have a state-of-art offshore development center where we maintain an array of multidisciplinary forming the core of our capability and offer our clients with the benefits of quality yet cost effective software solutions delivered by team of experienced professionals. In short, our offshore software development center acts as an extension to our global clients where we aim at creating associations with our clients' who seek long-standing services.



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